The Bunky Story

It was 2007 when our owner Rachel Malloy opened Bunky Boutique. She named the shop after her beloved grandmother, a woman whose grace, beauty, and strength inspired Rachel.

The space was tiny and tucked in an alley in downtown Phoenix’s Roosevelt Row. Except there was no Roosevelt Row. Not yet anyway. We were just one of a handful of shops to launch in the early days of downtown’s soon-to-explode arts and cultural scene.

Stocking timeless, modern, creative fashions with a focus on local and independent designers, we soon gained a passionate and awesome clientele, one that remains loyal to this day. Our clients have become our friends, our neighbors, our lifeblood. They are Bunky.

In the past decade, some things have changed. We’ve since moved to a different downtown location, just a few miles from the original, and opened a second store at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. We’ve collaborated with local businesses and partnered with Phoenix organizations to enrich this community that we all love.

And some things have stayed the same. Our leader Rachel and the rest of the crew still personally select every item in our stores, and we know our clients by name. Our flagship space is still small, but it’s mighty.

Here at Bunky, we’re proud to be part of downtown’s renaissance, and we’re proud to stock unique labels and brands that promote Phoenix style. Come visit us. We can’t wait to meet you.

Grandma Bunky & Rachel on her wedding day

Grandma Bunky & Rachel on her wedding day




Who is Bunky?

Bunky is the owner of the shop, Rachel Malloy's, grandmother. Rachel was incredibly close to her grandmother and was inspired by her grace, beauty, and strength.  The boutique was named after her to honor her memory.




Who is part of the Bunky team?

Rachel (owner + fearless leader), Lauren (our manager, assistant buyer + merchandising queen bee), RC (marketing guru + the "other" Rachel), Ashley (part-time hustler, full-time dancing queen), Katie (usually saving the day + always fabulous), Mila (always stylish & has the best playlists) and Jim (co-owner and husband).


What is the relationship between Bunky and Giant Coffee

We moved Bunky to it's current location next to Giant Coffee in 2009.  Matt and Ernie, the owners of Giant, are close friends with Rachel and Jim Malloy and we love being neighbors.  It’s pretty nice to have the tastiest baked goods in town a few feet away!

What about the airport?!

As of April 2017, you can now shop Bunky Boutique at Phoenix Sky Harbor (PHX)! This project was a long time in the making, and we are so excited to share our timeless fashions, independent makers, and a little AZ Love with our visitors!

Bunky is located in Terminal 4, pre-security.