Bunky Boutique

unique phoenix fashion

Bunky Boutique is effortlessly sophisticated. 

Specializing in timeless styles with modern twists, Bunky features lightweight, soft cotton pieces ideal for our Arizona climate.  This well-curated selection of clothing and accessories is stylish and innovative.

Stocking fashion-forward “it” pieces and home goods by brands such as Chaser, Level 99, Hippy Tree, Brixton, The Quiet Life, LaMade, Alternative Apparel, Aspen Bay, Grace and Lace, and Hobo, Bunky also features local and indie lines including Kenneth Pierre, Melissa Zaki, Overthrow, Spiritual Gangster, Charlie Jean, Enchantments, Pure Life, Nom de Plume, Melissa Zaki, Pink Puddle, Ann Revere Jewelry, Annie Bukhman, Truce, Galeana 39, BFree Organics, Native Bear .  We mix well known brands with local creativity to create a perfect blend of unique Phoenix fashion.

Bunky opened its doors to the Phoenix community in September 2007.  Since opening we have created relationships with our customers that are authentic and wonderful.  Our friends and customers have supported us and have made us a downtown staple.

The vibe is inviting and the shopping experience is as unique as our downtown Phoenix neighborhood, located next to the Phoenix Art Museum, the Burton Barr Central Library and Giant Coffee.  Bunky was designed by architect Hayes McNeil.  Design of all kind is important to us and we invite you to take a look at our unique use of space. 

Grandma Bunky & Rachel on her wedding day

Grandma Bunky & Rachel on her wedding day




Who is Bunky?

Bunky is the owner of the shop, Rachel Malloy's, grandmother. Rachel was incredibly close to her grandmother and was inspired by her grace, beauty, and strength.  The boutique was named after her to honor her memory.




Who is part of the Bunky team?

Rachel (owner), Lauren (our manager and assistant buyer), RC (marketing expert), Ashley (part-time hustler, full-time dancing queen) and Jim (co-owner and husband).

What is the relationship between Bunky and Giant Coffee

We moved Bunky to it's current location next to Giant Coffee in 2009.  Matt and Ernie, the owners of Giant, are close friends with Rachel and Jim Malloy and we love being neighbors.  It’s pretty nice to have the tastiest baked goods in town a few feet away!