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Beauty Routine by Urb Apothecary

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keeping some of our essentials handy in the Cactus Linen Pouch

keeping some of our essentials handy in the Cactus Linen Pouch

You may have noticed our new skincare line for women in store or while browsing bunkyboutique.com. Maybe you have picked up a few products to try out, or have already gotten hooked on one of the amazing masks or sun serum.

We chatted with Leyna of Urb Apothecary and received some great tips on adopting a skincare routine of your own to get the most out of your products and maximize their nourishing benefits! 

1. Masks

Leyna says: "The Charcoal Mask I would do once a week, or once every two weeks. [Use] the Cacao Mousse Mask once -twice a week"

(We love the buttery lavender and cocao combination in the Cacao Mousse Mask!)

Charcoal Burdock Mask
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Cacao Mousse Mask
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2. Exfoliate!

Renew and rejuvenate your skin with Cactus Face Polish. This amazing scrub doesn't harm skin with harsh edges like some exfoliates, but rather encourages blood flow and new cell growth!

Leyna says: "Use no more than twice a week."

Cactus Face Polish
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3. Scrub Scrub Scrub

We have always known Matcha tea is delicious- but the Matcha Sugar Scrub takes our cravings to a new level! Sweet + earthy, we love this gentle body exfoliate and how it leaves our skin soft and reduces redness and bumps (especially during these high-allergen months!).

Leyna says: "... Scrub into your body 2-3 times per week. If you are doing one or more of [the above] , spread them out so you are not doing two masks in one week."

Matcha Sugar Scrub
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4. Lock in nutrients + moisturize

We currently offer two of Urb Apothecary's facial serums, Green Tea and Sun Worshipper.

  • Green Tea Serum: rich in anti-oxidants, essential fatty-acids and healing herbal infused oils that help protect skin from the sun, slow signs of aging, balance sebum production, and minimize pores and wrinkles.
  • Sun Worshipper: specially formulated for sun lovers and worshipers, repairing sun damage, brightening dark spots, clearing acne, soothing sun burns, healing wounds, and improving over-all skin health and tone.

Leyna says: "I alternate the Serums! But right now the sun worshiper is my jam."

Green Tea Serum
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Sun Worshipper Reapir Serum
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Decorate Your Rental Space

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Springtime in Arizona is bustling with activities and events, gorgeous weather, and visiting friends + family. 

Will you be opening your home to visitors this season? Maybe you are hosting relatives or renting your space to seasonal snowbirds through Airbnb. A sweet southwestern welcome basket or tasteful decor is a wonderful way to welcome your guests. 

  • Wall Art

Instantly freshen up a room with unique wall art, without spending a fortune.

Art prints are available in an array of standard frame sizes, so hanging is a breeze! We offer some styles in simple monochrome color ways which easily compliment any decor.

  • Tools for Success

Let your guests explore the city at their leisure. Our exclusive guide to Downtown Phoenix marks all the best places to shop, eat, grab coffee, cocktails, or catch a show from Downtown to Uptown Phoenix. Leave a guide out for your guests and take the guesswork out of finding unique, independent hangout spots and entertainment. 
Pick up a guide from Bunky Boutique, or email info@bunkyboutique.com to order in bulk. 

Don't let excessive rays ruin a trip! Provide your guests will plenty of water, sunscreen and our go-to skincare for pre- and post-sunshine, Sun Worshipper Repair Serum ($26). This powerful tonic leaves skin rejuvenated and heals the harsh effects of soaking up the sunshine all day. 

Leave little Arizona-inspired goodies for your guests to tote around town and remember their stay. Shown here: Linen Pouch ($25), Flowering Cactus Pin ($12), Saguaro Keychain ($5).

  • A Good Night's Sleep

Rested guests are happy guests, so create a comfortable space with these simple additions.

Leave a tray of soothing teas and honey sticks with an electric kettle for tea time. Our AZ Love mason jars are the perfect all-purpose tumbler ($6). Palo Santo bundles provide a flameless aromatic experience in addition to being visually pleasing ($12), and the Slumber roll-on serum ($22) is a thoughtful gift that is sure to be appreciated. "Slumber Serum is full of herbs and essential oils that help calm racing minds, soothe anxiety, and ease one into a deep and peaceful slumber."

Adorn an accent pillow with the Succulents Pillow Case for southwestern flare. Silk screened with eco friendly ink on all natural cotton canvas, measuring 20" x 20" ($48).

  • It's all in the details 

Pick up finishing touches for your space such as southwestern coaster sets ($24), Succulent Trivets (which double as plant stands! $22), and notebooks + sketch pads for impromptu jotting, doodling, and inspiration ($7-$16).

  • Gift Bundles 

Leave a welcome basket for your visitors such as a bundle of our unique homegoods (see below), or let us do the gifting for you! Purchase a Bunky Box, and we will specially curate a collection of goods for your guest. Bunky Boxes arrive wrapped and ready to give, and each one is unique! Starting at $30.