In the Closet

Jackalope Ranch did a piece on my closet.  It's the first in their new series, Closet Tours.  
The writer, Becky Bartkowski, was sweet and, most importantly, she was patient with my 
"there's a stranger in the house with a camera?!?" neurosis... 

 Rachel Malloy's Closet Tour 

First of all, noooooo, my closet is normally not that organized.  Honestly, I rescheduled the photo shoot 3 times just to avoid cleaning it!  
Though every once in awhile I do merchandise my own wardrobe.  I get quite a bit of satisfaction from the stacks and colors and textures.  Try it sometime...pretend your closet is your own personal boutique and not only will you find items you forgot you had (tags still on!), but you will fall in love with your favorite pieces all over again.
Closet Tours

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