bunky custom

Exclusive to

bunky boutique

first piece in our own line 


against the grain

hand pierced brass,

red enameled copper heart with a

sterling silver chain

own me

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Q &A with

Ashley Weber

, lead designer:

What was your design process? 

I originally had no set design plan for the piece, instead opting for a more organic approach.  After I cut out the heart, it all seemed to come together. I customized the font and then transferred it to a piece of brass where I carefully sawed it out by hand.    

Where did you find the font?

I am sucker for typography. One of my favorite fonts is Honey Script. I like it because it is simple, yet whimsical, which I felt was perfect for constructing this bunky design.

What do you think of the finished product? 

I love the combination of colors and materials. 

It was an exciting piece to create because it is something very different than anything I have ever made. I feel it shows off a love for street art with a playful personality.   

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