yes, they play tennis in the mountains!

Montana State Women's Tennis visits 
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Cute outfits ~ I tried to get on the roster just for the skirts!

  My husband, Jim, and I spent this past weekend cheering on the Montana State Women's Tennis Team at their matches here in Phoenix and up in Flagstaff.  The competitive spirit was fun to be around and we reminisced about our sports days.
Which promptly made us feel old.  
When did college kids start looking so young?!?  
So I have 3 reasons to love this team:  

1.  Their coach is my beautiful Aunt Denise 

2.  Montana State is my alma mater

3.  The girls know how to curse in 6 different languages!

The team is super sweet and talented!  
They are from all over the globe...Columbia, Sweden, Mexico, Malaysia...and to have all found their way to Bozeman, Mt is quite amazing. 

My husband is his Montana State Tennis t-shirt and hat.  Or as he was called this weekend, Assistant Coach Malloy.

Aunt Denise and I
Follow the team's progress on their website or follow them on their facebook page.

The day trip was an adventure and we went early and spent the morning wandering around downtown Flagstaff.  We found a great coffee shop called Late For the Train.  Try the mate latte, I highly recommend it.  
The weather was lovely and cool and my husband got to see snow for only the 5th time in his life.  And he's 37.  
Sign of a true Phoenician.  
I even snagged a souvenir tennis ball. 

Watching the matches in the mountains of Flagstaff

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