I don't wear heels.  Anyone that knows me well knows this information.  Even my wedding shoes were a stunningly high 1.5 inches.  Having said that, I am turning 30 in a few months and being able to wear a shoe with some height seems like a skill that I should have learned by the end of my 20's. was the big day...
Granted they are a wedge and any woman will tell you that a wedge is the training bra of heels.  But to me, a wedge is a grand accomplishment!  I put on my "I do this all the time" attitude as I buckled them on and decided to take my own fashion advice, it's all about confidence. 
As a side story, a few years back I was standing behind the counter talking with a customer and the painting behind me fell on my head and when the customer was concerned that I was hurt (rightfully so, it was a very heavy painting), I said "I'm okay, it happens all the time!".  It was a totally absurd thing to say, but hey, I said it with confidence!

But I digress.  Back to today's shoe feat (get it??)....

I consider this both a professional and personal success.  I only rolled an ankle once...and luckily nobody saw.  Or at least they were kind enough to not let me know they saw.  So if you see me teeter tottering along, just offer a smile and a nod of support.  

Bring it on, 30's!  
Next up is the grown up girl high heel.  
That sounds too daunting for this decade, I'll master this wedge thing first. 
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