Who Gives a Knit!

This past Sunday I had a knitting lesson.  To say I am a beginner is an understatement of epic proportions.  I brought along friends, Jessie and Sloane, for moral support.  And let's be honest, I was secretly hoping that I would be better at knitting than at least one of them. 

Why knitting you may ask? 
One reason:  I need a new hand occupation during relaxation/television time.  An activity that doesn't involve  racking up the high score on Bejeweled Blitz.  My i-phone is probably to blame, but it has become impossible  for me to watch a TV program without either being on my laptop, on my phone, or folding laundry (and we don't have a lot of laundry, we don't have kids).  Anyone with kids is more than welcome to bring over their clean laundry, I love folding!

Obviously this lack of television focus has it's merits, but when I've reorganized our wrapping paper tote for the third time and my husband is pleading for me to chill the bleep out..it's time to explore my crafty options.

I called Julie at a.ware and set up a knitting lesson.  Julie was amazing and super patient and I highly recommend her.  A.ware will be closing at the end of March, but she will continue to give lessons and will be setting up a pop up shop next fall so stay tuned. 
It turned out to be harder than I anticipated.  My hands were not functioning on a high level, they felt disconnected from my body and I was definitely lacking in mind-body connection.

But after a snack and some caffeine, we learned slip knots and how to cast-on and by the end of the class I was purlling with the best of them.  And I had decided on a project.  Throw pillows...gigantic throw pillows, like ridiculously big take over the whole couch throw pillows.  And bright!  I picked out hot pink thread.

A few more photos...

Jessie's finished practice piece on the left, mine on the right.  Notice any difference?!

All smiles ~  
We had just started.  The furrowed brows came later.

Sloane picked out Gucci needles.


A stellar knitter!  She left with a gold star.
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