a chai latte with amy silverman

All you have to do is ask.

Last week I was at my desk trying to wrap my brain around writing the Story of Bunky.  I had hit a wall.  I had a case of non-writer writers block.  

At first I wasn't sure how to proceed.
Then I had a thought...Amy Silverman  

 Not only is she the managing editor of the Phoenix New Times, an accomplished writer, an NPR commentator, but she writes a beautiful blog that I adore
 So I emailed Amy.

Knowing how busy she is, I asked if she could point me in the direction of someone that could help me.  And guess what her response was?   
"There's always time for stuff you want to do, right? And I would LOVE to help you write bunky's story! it would be an honor!" 

The honor was truly mine.  
We met for coffee and I sat and listened and learned.  One of the best tips that she gave me was that beginner writers should write as they would talk.  This is how you develop your own voice.  Of course subtracting all the "ummms" and "likes" (unless you are writing a screenplay for Clueless 2 - which of course I plan to do as soon as The Story of Bunky is finished).  Amy also recommended a book called Love, Loss, and What I Wore, which I have ordered and am looking forward to reading and discussing with her.

Amy shared with me tips from both her professional and personal writing experiences.  She also shared a few juicy insider stories that I promised I wouldn't blog about...my first off the record comment!  Made me feel very hip.
The moral of the story, folks?  
When you need help, simply ask.  
You never know where it will take you.  

Not only did I gain insight and writing knowledge from an expert, I also made a new friend...cue the cheesy music with a montage of Amy and I getting into some Laverne and Shirley style antics...

Check out Amy's blog, Girl in a Party Hat!  
You will love love love it.

 As for The Story of Bunky.  Stay tuned...  

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