A Few of Our Favorite Bunky Mamas

Anna & her daughter Emilie

Words to describe this mother and daughter -  enchanting, delightful, and captivating.  
With her sweet smile and contagious laughter, 
Baby Emilie is angelic.
Anna's style is romantic, feminine, and thoughtful.  
Let's call it organically glorious!  
We cherish their gentle and peaceful energy. 

Jordana & her son Stone
Jordana is the most on-trend mom that we know!  She is the epitome of cool and we have a sneaking suspicion that her handsome son has her same natural sophistication, even at age 5!  
We are lucky to have this modern, not to mention superbly pretty, mom to encourage us here at Bunky to be innovative and fashion forward.  

Loydeen & her daughter Mila
Deenie and Mila are members of the First Family of Bunky (you'll meet Dad next month!).  
We are inspired by their closeness, kindness, 
and their overall hipness.  Deenie is chic and lovely and daughter Mila not only embodies those same qualities, but she adds her own artistic flair.  
We are honored to know these two brilliant 
and beautiful women.

Becky & her daughters 
Paloma & Sophia

One adjective comes to mind for this trio - fun!  
Every time we see Becky and her girls, they are on their way to do something exciting and carefree.
Absolutely adorable, the girls take after their mother's alluring and fashion forward style...always making their outfits unique and sassy by adding their own details and twists.  The unparalleled "it" girls!

Teresa & her son Keane
Teresa makes being a new mommy look easy and oh so fun!  Always stunning, Teresa's style is casually elegant and en vogue.  
We love watching her and Keane giggle and cuddle.  He is a patient little shopper and their laid back and incredibly loving attitude is so refreshing and happy.  Mommy hood never looked so rewarding!    

Janet & her daughter Mabel
Janet was one of our very first customers and we have been fortunate to befriend her and get to know her and her amazing family.  Janet is effortlessly chic - her style is classic meets bohemian - city boho!  Mabel already has that same dazzling smile 
and adoring charm.  Seeing these two together will melt your heart, it's witnessing true love in action! 

Kristl & her sons Beni & Charlie
Eclectic, witty, and gorgeous!  
That is how we describe momma Kristl. 
The loving connection she has with her 2 boys is truly breathtaking.  The boys are always dressed as cute as buttons, but how could they not be with a fabulously adoring, delightful, and charming mother like Kristl!