Birthday Twins

Mila is one of my favorite people.  
She is fashionable, smart, and super creative.  
I feel honored to have her and her wardrobe representing Bunky Boutique!   
Not only do Mila and I share a love of the unique and interesting, but we also share a birthday.  
(Except she is 13 years younger than me, but let's keep that on the down low!!) 
Last week we both surprised each other with birthday gifts.  I got Mila a copper heart necklace with her name on it from "against the grain".
And she painted a piece of art for me!  It was such a thoughtful and artistic present.  I got emotional receiving the gift because I knew that she took the time and energy to create something beautiful for me.  It is truly special and, well, it took my breath away.
Posing with our gifts!  
I almost forgot to mention that she also brought me gluten-free cupcakes from Urban Cookies ~ those went to good use :)

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