Bunky Dads

A Few of Our Favorite 
Bunky Dads!
 Chris and his boys  
Beni and Charlie
 These 3 guys are a force to be reckoned with!  They love Suns and Diamondbacks games and having quality "guy" time.  And Chris being such a wonderful Dad and husband, his boys couldn't have a  
better role model! 
  Big Hayes and Little Hayes
 This photo says it all!  Loving and happy and full of warmth.  These two guys know how to have fun together and being a Dad has never looked so rewarding or just plain cool.       

Greg and his daughter Mila
Greg and Mila are the sweetest pair!  Always palling around, you'll find them frequenting their favorite restaurants and shops and enjoying spending time together.  Mila is as stylish as they come and dad Greg is pretty snazzy himself (his wardrobe is Mila approved of course!). 

Chris and his daughters  
Paloma and Sophia   
  These adorable little girls have Chris wrapped around their fingers!  Frequent "daddy days" and trips to the trampoline park are just a few of their many shared adventures!  Loving and happy - this trio makes us warm and fuzzy.

James and his daughter Mabel     
I think if you googled the definition of adoration, you would find a photo of James and Mabel.  It's impossible not to see them together  
without going  "awwww".   
This modern and hip Dad makes for the perfect protector and playmate for his beautiful daughter!          
 Dan and his daughter me!  :)    
My friends say we are a lot alike.   
I hope so!   
Nothing would make me more proud!     

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