My Dad

My Dad is kind and generous.  
He is compassionate and loving.  
He is funny, with a dry sense of humor.

He is a single father, raising me after my Mom passed away when I was a baby.  
He took on this challenge with pride, working hard both physically and emotionally to give me an amazing life full of unconditional love, patience, and joyous experiences. 

My Dad gave me confidence.
He taught me to be secure with myself.
He taught me to not take myself too seriously.
He taught me loyalty, patience, and the 
importance of doing the right thing.

Happy Father's Day, Dad.  
When you read this, know how much I love you!

My Dad and his sky diving cake!  I was so proud of him!
Christmas, maybe 1990?  You can tell by my pants...
High School Graduation
Mini golf - we are a tad bit competitive ;)
My Dad's recent visit to Phoenix
Hiking in AZ

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