phx goes to pdx 1

I love Portland.  Okay, who doesn't?
Saying that I love Portland is about as unique as saying "Mad Men is my favorite show!"
or "I love chips and salsa!"
No sh*t, sherlock!  Of course I love Portland.
We all do.  It's just plain cool. 

Photos below are from our trip there last month.  This is the first in a four part series about our trip.

Japanese Gardens
Hiking in Arboretum

Red Riding Hood let's her hood down
Felt like a magical forest

Rose Garden Theater.  Yes, after this picture I did get on the stage and sing and tap dance in the rain!

Portland Timbers soccer game, Jim was so happy!

The fans are amazing.  I'm not one for cheering at sporting events (that is a whole other blog post),  but I let out a few
"woooooo's" at the appropriate times!

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