phx in pdx: 4

My friend Adam lives in Portland.  
He was my man of dishonor at our wedding.  ;)
 I love him and I love his cool factor.  He's lived in Portland since college and has always been my go to guy for where to eat, drink, shop, and hike.  While he was still extremely helpful with where the hottest new restaurant spot was, he also has this amazing life that involves a house outside of town with a huge yard with an amazing garden, chickens, a puppy, an MBA that got him an amazing grown up job, and a wonderful boyfriend!  I am so happy and proud of him.  But, Adam, you better stay hip even though you are a suburban Portlandian now!  I still need to know the best place to get a gluten free/vegan/organic veggie bowl next time I'm in town.  ;)  
Felt like 10 years ago, cocktails in Adam's kitchen.  We only had 1.5 though, instead of 8 like we would have 10 years ago.  

A good friend - Adam made sure to have ingredients for my signature cocktail on hand:  vodka, grapefruit juice, and club soda.
Brad, Adam's partner, showing off his urban farming skills!
Adam's crazy dog Lola!  Lola literally sits in the fireplace. 

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