mahi mahi

 Trader Joe's and I have a very loving relationship 

with occasional bouts of WTF.  

They have an amazing product and then they take it away...and bring it back again...maybe...or maybe not.... 

That is what happened with my favorite Mahi Mahi burgers.  About a year ago they disappeared from the shelves.  They weren't discontinued, but put on hold.  

Something to do with too much demand and not enough supply, harvesting....yada yada yada...don't care...

  I know this because I not only called my local Trader Joe's, 

but I also called the corporate office and I sent an email asking where oh where have my mahi burgers gone?

Then 2 weeks ago I was puttering around TJ and out of the corner of my eye I noticed a blue box with bright letters and  my heart went aflutter!  They are back!  I had to physically stop myself from feverishly putting every box in my cart and then driving to Home Depot to purchase a spare freezer.  Instead I bought 5 boxes.  Yes 5.  It did hike up my grocery bill, but I put back the coconut water to make up for it.  

They are healthy, tasty, and easy.  Clean eating at it's most basic.  Our typical dinner involves baked fish, rice for my husband, and a gigantic salad for me.  Sometimes a piece of gluten free toast if I'm craving a crunch.  Now that the mahi mahi burgers are back I can pan fry them and put them over my huge salad, serve with rice or quinoa, make fish tacos, and bring them to work the next day as perfect leftovers. 

They have a unique flavor that consists of

paprika, parsley, sea salt & rosemary.  They are wild-caught without extra preservatives, simple ingredients and major protein.  1 patty = 110 calories, 5g fat, 1 g carbs, 15g protein

Thanks for bringing them back, TJ.  Bu please don't play with my heart again.  Leave my mahi mahi alone...and while you're at it, don't take away my shaved brussel sprouts or my kale and greek yogurt dip either...a lazy girls gotta eat! 

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