"Make New Friends, But Keep the Old....

One is Silver and the other's Gold..."

 I learned this song when I was in the Daisy's, a group little girls join the year before becoming a Girl Scout.  This song is the only thing I remember from being a Daisy, other than totally hating it and being the weirdo kid that cried every meeting and talked to my stuffed dog instead of the other girls....but I digress...

The reason I bring up my short lived time as a Daisy is because this song struck a cord with me (ha..get it?!?).  Throughout my life I've thought back to the meaning of this little song.  It has guided me as I've evolved and navigated friendships throughout every stage of my life. 

Friendships change as life charges forward.

As we grow closer to some and farther way from others, we understand that it's all enriching and perfect.

No one more important than another.

Each friendship it's own gem.

Last weekend my husband and I attended my friend Lindsey's wedding.  She is one of my oldest friends.  She married a sweet man named Joe and their happiness was so apparent and stunning.  Lindsey looked incredibly beautiful and the setting of Chico, Montana was magical.

The wedding provided an opportunity to spend time together with friends that I've known since high school (which is almost 13 years ago now!), as a group, like we used to.  And I have to say, there is something superbly special about people that you have known forever.  Friends that have seen you evolve.  You can tell stories for hours and laugh until you are crying.  You know their parents and siblings and they know yours.

They remember the house you grew up in and you remember who their prom date was.  

It felt very full circle and it was happy and lovely. 

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