My new meditation

I was recently in Montana (my home state) visiting family and friends.  Every morning I was able to get up and throw on a hoody and go for a run on a nearby trail.  
I found that I have a deep love for trail running.  
I have always enjoyed running or hiking, but I haven't done much combining of the two.  When I'm just plain hiking I am a total scaredy cat about going downhill.  Going up is fine, doesn't bother me a bit, but I'm super slow and a total baby going down the mountain.  I would actually rather have to walk uphill both ways like our parents always said they did walking to school!  

But what I realized is that if I'm running and going downhill I'm not scared.  Instead I'm focused and feel confident.  Trail running never gets boring because of the constant change in terrain and it's truly meditative because you cannot think of anything else except where to put your foot next.  No to-do lists, no thinking about the grocery store, or emails to send...just focusing on the feel of the land, the breeze against your skin, and the fresh air in your lungs. 

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