Guilty Pleasure

I am totally into this show.  I never watched American Idol, or Dancing with the Stars, or any of these types of shows...but I am totally into The Voice.  I should say that I don't watch TV because I have other way more intellectually stimulating things to do.  But I like TV.  Mostly I at least watch hip TV ...HBO, showtime, fx, netflix documentaries...blah blah.  But I also need my mindless HGTV and now - The Voice.
I find the show enjoyable because everyone is supportive and nice to each other, the judges offer advice instead of criticism.  It's cool to listen to good singing, especially songs that we all know the words to.  And I like Carson Daly.  He's gotten thin and fit since his TRL days and he seems like a  genuinely decent guy. 
Blake Shelton makes me laugh.  Like I actually laugh out loud.   How often can you say you do that while watching a network show?  But he's sarcastic and dry and that country twang is endearing.
And Adam that is one good looking man.  Honestly it's not really fair because any man, woman, child...basically any being with a pulse...would have an extremely difficult time not picking him as their coach.  The mere notion that you may get the chance to be within a few feet of that level of attractive is enough to throw any logic out the window and pick him.  But then I wonder if maybe looking at him is similar to looking at the sun?  Brilliant, but edgy.  Yet a risk worth taking.  
So there you have it.  A little intro to The Voice.  I highly recommend allowing yourself to get sucked in to the show.  DVR it though because the constant recap can be brutal and since it's an hour long show you have to be able to skip through commercials.  
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