Natual Remedies for Mosquito Bites

Since when did we have so many mosquitos in Arizona?! The typical "buggie" months have come and gone, yet there are more than a few stragglers left driving us crazzzy! Here we compiled a list of natural solutions to that crazy itch. You may already have these items on hand, otherwise you are likely to find them all during your next trip to the farmer's market!

  • Green Tea
    According to Everyday Health, holding a refrigerated, dampened green tea bag over the irritated spot helps to both soothe and reduce inflammation.
  • Honey
    Honey has an antibacterial quality, and may prevent the bite from becoming infected if you are a scatcher.
  • Aloe Vera
    f you have chilled aloe vera one hand (simply stick it in the fridge), it's a soothing and anti-inflammatory solution.
  • Tea Tree Oil
    The antiseptic properties of tea tree oil can help prevent infection, and the stinging sensation (similar to alcohol) will help distract you from the itch.
  • Basil
    This one works double for you! Basil helps repel the bugs, and the anti-inflammatory properties help the swelling.


Do you have your own natural remedy? Share with us in the comments!



Rachel CaryComment