Q+A with Michelle Moyer of Kenneth Pierre Designs

"...to create quality jewelry you need to not be afraid to push boundaries and try something new.  It is art and art is never wrong!"

Most associate Kenneth Pierre with a beloved and unique piece of copper, brass, or sterling silver. Maybe an Inspiration Bracelet or a nifty Sling Shot Money Clip. We know her as Michelle Moyer; an incredibly talented artist right here in Phoenix, as well as a dear friend of ours here at Bunky Boutique!

How did you start making jewelry?
I started making jewelry about 17 years ago with beading and wire wrapping.  I did it on and off for years but never tried to sell my pieces.  Then about 4 years ago I decided I wanted to expand my skills and I took a soldering class.  I was hooked.  I took more classes and practiced my skills whenever I had a free moment.  I absolutely love working with metal and creating what I like to call mini sculptures!  
Mini Sculptures- we love that!!

From start to finish, how long does it take to produce a piece?
The length of time it takes me to complete a piece of jewelry really depends on how intricate the piece is.  I have completed pieces in 30 minutes and have some pieces that have taken me close to 24 hours to complete!  I would say on average most of the pieces I create take an hour or so.

Sea Glass Necklace

Sea Glass Necklace

How do you select the materials you work with?
I choose the materials by playing with them.  I usually take out a bunch of materials and push them around together and hold them in different ways. Usually I will get a feeling for what I want to create.  I love to figure out how to make certain materials work together.
Recently Michelle released jewelry pieces composed of metals and sea glass. The results are amazing!

What three words describe your design aesthetic?
Three words...  modern, geometrical, industrial.  These are words I have heard others use to describe my pieces and I would agree.

What do you know to be true about creating quality jewelry?
I believe that to create quality jewelry you have to really love what you do.  It is important to me to create pieces that I love.  If I don't love the pieces then how can I expect someone else to.  I also won't create jewelry if I am angry or upset about something.  I know this sounds goofy but i feel like we put our energy into the things we make and I don't want to impart negative energy on anyone.  With that being said, I love creating jewelry so it is rare that I am angry while in my studio.  :)  I also think to create quality jewelry you need to not be afraid to push boundaries and try something new.  It is art and art is never wrong!

What do you love about Phoenix and Arizona style?
I love that Phoenix is my home and I am a native so have really seen it change.  I love that Phoenix and Arizona are both so diverse in culture, weather, and terrain.  You have the desert and big city and the small towns and pine trees just a couple hours away.  I think that makes for lots of style options!

We LOVE working with you, why do you think Bunky Boutique and Kenneth Pierre are such a great fit?
I LOVE working with Bunky as well!  I think it is a good fit because I love to create new pieces to fit with whatever the current style is.  I love the communication between us and feel like we are able to meet the needs of both of our customers.  I also love the vibe of Central/Downtown Phoenix and am passionate about shopping local so I think we share those values

And just for fun – what’s always on your desk while working?
Always on my desk when working...  besides my tools of course would be drinks.  Usually there are at least 2 cups and maybe even 3 cups of beverages.  It is kinda funny and i have even posted instagram pictures of the cups on my desk before!


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