Summer White

Ready to wear your summer white, but dreading the misfortune of accidental stains that always seem to occur?  We have something to soothe your worries, or at least scrub them away.  Fels-Naptha is a soap like bar that is most often times found in the laundry section of the nearest grocery store.  It is ideal for pre-treating stains like chocolate, baby spit-up, perspiration, and make-up.  All you do is stick the bar under a little water and scrub the stain until a nice "paste" occurs and then throw it in the wash.

Still have stains that you didn't get out last year?  No worries, the miraculous bar even gets out stains that have been set in by the dryer.  Let's face it, we all sweat during the summer and sometimes we get those embarrassing yellow stains and they are the pits (yes, I used a silly pun)!  Don't worry, Fels-Naptha will get out those set in deodorant stains also.  The best news, it's only like $2 a bar.  Use caution, it is a skin irritant so scrub wisely.