Creative Ways to Store Your Shoes

Because you cannot have too many...

If you are anything like us, your shoes end up either stacked by the front door or piled up at the bottom of your closet (most likely both!). 

Here are a few ways to turn those piles into style.

Make it Art

Your shoe collection is a work of art anyway, so display it as such. Make your shoes the statement piece of your closet by installing a floating shelf on which to store them. Above the shelf, hang your favorite painting or create an ode to your shoes by having a cool photo or painting of your favorite pair hang atop the shelf. Artwork isn't the only way to show off your shoes. A top shelf with a pretty floral bouquet and a jewelry box also adds character.

Use Molding

Have your molding play double duty, and use it to hang your shoes. This only works for heels, as you'll need something to hang on to the actual molding. Use molding that you already have in your home. Even ceiling molding can be used to store shoes that aren't in season. If you'd rather hang your shoes lower, install molding in one or several rows. If you have more than one row, stagger your shoes to create a more creative display.

Cute Curtain

If you have a tiny space you're not using, install a vertical shoe rack. Then add a quirky, girly curtain tied to the side with a ribbon that can cover your shoes when you want or show them off when ready. Not only are you utilizing more space, but you're adding a feminine, unexpected touch to your shoe display.

Mini Shoe Boutique

If you love shoe shopping, pay homage to your favorite boutique in your closet. Shoe boutiques employ tons of creative ways to store footwear. A large Lazy Susan not only fits shoes in a small place, but also makes finding your favorite pair a cinch -- just spin until you find a shoe you like. Get really fancy with lighted display cases used to showcase your favorite pairs.

For Baby

Baby shoes look adorable when hung on curtain rods. Install a strip of wood to a wall in your baby's room. Then on that same wall attach a curtain rod. On the rod attach several curtain rings. Instead of clipping on a curtain, attach your tots shoes. Your re-purposed curtain rod is a charming, functional way to keep your kid's shoes in line.