Reversible Girls Dress by CharlieJean

Q&A with Charlie Jean designer, Angela Zarob, about her newest design.  The Reversible Romper!

1.  What inspired you to design this dress?
I wanted a dress that was easy for girls to wear and easy from Mom/Dad to put on.   It's cute fun for our spring & summertime weather and it's reversible so it's double the outfit!

2.  What is the age range that this fits?
The Reversible Romper can be made from 6months to 2toddler.  It fits a wide age range too so babies can wear it as a dress and then as they get older it turns into a top!

3.  What makes this dress different?
Each dress is unique and most are one-f-a-kind.  Some are super vintage - for example I used a skirt I wore 17 years ago and made it into a dress for my daughter Charlie!   We can do that for customers too!  If someone has  fabric or an item of clothing that they want to turn into a dress for sentimental reasons it's super easy.  

4.  Tell us about Charlie Jean?  How did the business begin?
CJD began when I resigned from the corporate world and wanted to do something creative during nap time. (I think must stay at home parents know what I'm saying!)  Working since I can remember, it felt natural to continue to do something "work-like," but this is MUCH more fun and stimulating!