New Mens Brand Alert: Overthrow Clothing

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Phoenix-based Overthrow Clothing is available now in Bunky Boutique and online. The collection includes short-sleeve button-ups and light summer tanks, all constructed in the US. Two 6-panel hats are also in the mix.


Q&A with owner Andrew Howell:

Q: Tell us about Overthrow, how did the brand get its start?
A: Basically I was really into brands that I thought were awesome and had an awesome message or image, but when I would go to buy pieces from them the fit was always off, or the quality wasn't great. So I thought, "why don't I try to do this better myself?"

Q: What influences you?
A: We pull ideas from a wide range; friends, family, snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, and the outdoors. I am a musician myself and have always been involved with the Phoenix music scene, so that is a big part of it. Myself and my friends are all into some kind of action sport, and that is represented by the brand. We work closely with our friends at Snowbowl and that has resulted in some really fun events. We manage to incorporate this wave of interests into our brand with each piece designed for functionality and fit while being something you likely have not seen anything like before.

Q: The Summer '14 line was a big step for Overthrow, what makes this collection different?
A: This was our first full cut-and-sew collection made right here in the states. We have always done custom graphic tees and what not, but this was our first full "Designer" collection and we are really excited about it! We really ventured into the unknown with this line and we could not be more happy with it.


Q: How did you and Bunky Boutique link up?
A: It was relatively recent that I discovered Bunky. Rachel Cary (RC) and I started Overthrow a few years back and it just so happened that she and Rachel Malloy met during a project for an ASU class. When I walked into the store for the first time I thought it was so great, they have a great mixture of mens styles, some pushing the border of "streetwear" while still maintaining a more mature, polished look. Knowing I wanted to transition Overthrow beyond screen tees, I thought that this would be an perfect match. Not to mention everyone at Bunky is amazing, and they have created a close community with their customers like we have with ours. So Rachel Malloy made it happen, and now we're here!


Q: What is in the future for Overthrow Clothing?
A: To continue creating and really dig into the the artistic scene of Arizona to grow from there. Working with more extreme sports athletes, making more awesome videos, and continuing to work with our friends up at Arizona Snowbowl and Sunset Terrain Parks where you'll find us next season.