Did You Know? A Crash Course in Baxter of California

It just so happens that Bunky Boutique is one of very few Arizona retailers to carry the coveted Baxter of California men's products. So what's all the hype about? Baxter's allure goes beyond the handsome packaging. Offerings include protein shampoo, an award-winning shaving cream, manly cleansing soaps and facial scrubs. And if you ask me, the scent of this stuff is prettty irresistible! Read on...

From the company's Facebook page: Baxter of California's founder, Baxter Finley, was a California native and realized a need for skin-saving products for men that didn't come in pretty bottles and smell like roses. In 1965 he developed his own for-men-only grooming product, Super Shape, to protect the face from the sun and sea.  It was an instant hit. By the 1970s, Baxter was a household name among the Hollywood crowd. The company recognizes that not all skin is created equally, and prides itself on its tech-savvy products.
"Grooming Generations of Gentlemen"

Below are quick skin care basics and tips videos by Baxter of California.

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