Budget Friendly Pieces for Your College Wardrobe

Check out Phoenix New Times' '10 Best Shops for ASU Students in Downtown Phoenix'      pssst we're in there!

Whether you are about to start your first year of college or are completing your final credits, one thing is for certain: you are on a budget, girl.  That dorm closet can only fit so much and your clothing picks must be strategic! Aside from being affordable, you want to choose items that are versatile and realistic. Yes, you can wear what you want in college for the most part. No, side boob in class is not comfortable. Sadly, this also goes for crop tops. Nothing makes you reconsider an outfit faster than plopping down in a stuffy room half a centimeter away from another human body with fluorescent lights beaming down on you. Whew! Scary, huh?

Being a recent ASU grad, here are some more tips I picked up:

  • If you go to school in Arizona, NEVER forget your sunglasses. Ever. The sidewalk will blind you.
  • Do not carry your laptop, books, folders, etc. Invest in a good bag to hold these things. That way nothing is lost, damaged, or worse, put on the bathroom floor in a pee-panic. Also, no cloth totes on the daily, or any shoulder bag with a thin strap. Unless you carry little more than your phone and wallet, those are a quick way to hurt your shoulder!
  • Arizona students- don't wear skinny jeans until at least October. Don't even try.
  • Supportive shoes are a must. Walking to class all day in flip flops is a killer! Not to mention you will totally wear through your favorite ones.
  • Random but good to know: When you are done with your laptop always turn it off before putting it in your bag, even if it is just to go to your next class. The hard drive on my Macbook fried from constantly being on while I walked around with it. No bueno :(
  • Don't spend all your clothes money on going-out pieces. You can totally get away with having a few essentials to mix and match (read below...), but you'll want options to go to class in that are comfortable and that you feel good about (a bodycon in calculus does not feel good).

For School and Play

Flirty and flattering yet risk-free! Impress AND survive random end-of-summer monsoons. This skort will go with everything (tees, tanks, collared tops) and looks great paired with flats for class or wedges.

The essential tank dress! This shape tends to look great on all figures. Comfy, easy, and sure to be your go-to for class and days off.

Okay I'm not going to tell you to not wear "yoga pants" to class because it's going to happen. You might as well look good and stick out in the sea of a certain lemon brand! Pair these with a cute flowy top and a great strappy bralette like this (you will get your money's worth- trust me!!).



Refer back to side boob comment above.



AZ chicks- Stand out from the sea of university shirts and sport your Arizona pride another way! These range in size from XS-XL and are available in Pink, Purple, and White.













Truth: you will want fun stuff to wear outside of class, but you will at some point have a presentation to give, a job fair to attend, or a special event you need to dress nice for (Greek life, job interviews, club functions, etc.) At this point the 'Business Casual' bomb will be dropped on you- don't freak! Be prepared and shop smart!

This skirt comes in black and is going to be your best friend. Pair it with a cute top for nights out, and a more conservative blouse for all your biz cas needs.

Cinched waist, 3/4 sleeves, and a fun pattern- basically the recipe for the perfect wear-everywhere dress. Rock this with nude pumps, solid-colored flats or pretty sandals to fit the occasion. You will look polished and smart without having to worry about putting an outfit together. One dress to rule them all.

Instant 'Red Dress Event' stand out! The bodice on this dress is super flirty and sure to make you feel pretty. If you need to modest it up a bit, pair with a mustard yellow, shimmery gold, olive, or navy cardigan (versatile, eh?). finsh the look with gold accessories and nude flats.

For play, a denim vest/jacket and chucks! 


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