From Here to There: Outfits for Post-Yoga

We all try to squeeze a practice in as best we can. Sometimes it's before a meeting over coffee, sometimes between work and happy hour or before your child's Saturday basketball game. One thing is for sure though, we tend to cut it way too close now and then and choose savasana over a proper primp. Instead of sacrificing 'You' time, prep yourself with essentials like the ones we've listed here. Some deodorant and body mist never hurts either.

Yoga-inspired brand Spiritual Gangster just gets it. Easy tees that work for yoga and are super cute outside the studio too! Pair with your favorite sports bra and you'll be good to go!

A hot sweat sesh can leave you with the chills. This long sleeve Cross Back Tee is oh-so-soft and the open back lets you vent! Light scarves are also great to have on hand for post-yoga chills. Plus the work as a cute shawl!

This Side-Slit Skirt is the ultimate after yoga bottom! Make a quick switch into these for light and airy coverage while being effortlessly cute. For lighter stretch sessions, go in with these Heavy Leggings and your yoga top of choice, and exit with an easy tunic thrown over! Done and done.

Oh Chaser, you are too good to us! We wear the Cross Back Bra to work, to play, to hot yoga, to the gym, to sleep... basically everywhere. Aside from being crazy comfortable, the strappy details look killer peeking out from an open-back style!


What is your sweat-and-go strategy? Let us know!

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Rachel CaryComment