Baxter of California Restock: New + Old Favorites

We have a fresh restock of every guy's favorite Baxter of California grooming products along with some new products that are sure to find a spot in your daily routine!
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1. Exfoliating Body Bar

A luxurious scrubbing bar for men with essence of cedarwood and oak moss. The hydrating and moisture-rich formula leaves the entire body feeling smooth, clean and refreshed.
Rich-lathering formula effectively exfoliates dead skin cells, with pumice, jojoba and crushed olive seed to scrub away dirt and rough patches all over body. Hydrating ingredients wash away impurities from skin without stripping moisture, making it ideal for daily use. Suitable for all skin types.


2. Hair Combs

Handcrafted in Switzerland, Baxter of California combs are produced from high quality cellulose acetate sheets (a natural, modified polymer derived from cotton and tree pulp cellulose). From cutting to polishing, each comb goes through a detailed 12-step process of manufacturing (all done by hand), resulting in smoothly tapered teeth and rounded tips for comfort and care of the hair and scalp.
Choose from the 7.75' Large Comb or 5.25' Pocket Comb.

3. Herbal Mint Toner

Gentle astringent for men with cucumber extract and antioxidants.

This award-winning toner cleanses, tones and removes impurities from facial skin with mild herbal extracts. Antioxidants, Vitamin C and E protect skin against free radicals and cell damage, leaving your face looking fresh. Use after Daily Face Wash to prime skin before moisturizing, or throughout the day to remove excess oil.

FHM Grooming Award

10 oz / 300 ml

WATCH how to use the Herbal Mint Toner.