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What's in a Color?

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Thinking about switching up the traditional red roses this year? Reference our cheat sheet first and ensure you send your valentine the right message! ;) 

image via vegasonlyroses.com

image via vegasonlyroses.com

  • Pink Roses
    Signify happiness, gratitude, appreciation and admiration. Perfect for your sweetheart or a friend!
  • Yellow Roses
    Joy, friendship and freedom. For a fun gift, present your fellow Single Awareness Day friend with a single yellow rose, and celebrate your friendship together!
  • White Roses
    Innocence, purity, secrecy, reverence. White roses can go a couple different ways; a.) your valentine sees that you deeply respect her/him b.) She/he thinks they are your valentine on the side (whoops!). Gift with caution :)
  • Cream Roses
    Off-white roses represent thoughtfulness, charm, and grace. Gifting this color rose is a good idea if red is a little too 'hubba-hubba' for the occasion.  
  • Red Roses
    Traditional red roses signify love, passion, respect and courage. Gift this color to someone you LOVE! :)