We're Packing our Bags for Coachelle 2015!

Weekend 1 of the massive fest in the desert known as Coachella is fast approaching, and we are packing our bags with outdoor necessities and style must-haves!

  1. Chloe Backpack $59
  2. a Journal for memory jotting, picture keeping, and doodling $13
  3. Reusable water bottle $28. A major must!! There are water filling stations around the festival to keep you hydrated and reduce water bottle waste.
  4. Sunglasses. They will be glued to our faces all weekend long! A backup pair doesn't hurt. $18
  5. Truce hand sanitizer, because 100,000 people in one place calls for some disinfecting.
  6. Hair ties. Keep those long locks held back when the wind picks up! $2
  7. Favorite Bunky Gloss $23. Glide this lipgloss on in the AM and you will have perfectly stained color (and no stickiness!!) all day long.
  8. Dipped Triangle necklace $30
  9. All natural Citronella Candles $22 for set of 2. Fighting with bugs all weekend at your campsite is no bueno. We will we toting these awesome locally-made candles to naturally deter the little guys.
  10. Turquoise Bear Earrings $18
  11. Leather and Bead Bracelets $36
  12. Assorted Stackable Rings $10 each. These little rings are made of either copper, brass or sterling silver and are perfect for mixing and matching to create the perfect boho look!
  13. Desert Postcards $4
  14. Bunky Balm $10. Protect and heal your skin after long days in the sun. Our Bunky Balm is organic and made locally!!
  15. Triangle Bar Necklace (sterling silver) $55
  16. Spiritual Gangster Snapback $30