Grecian Getaway with Olga Tsoudis

Our longtime friend and customer, Olga, vacationed in beautiful Greece this summer and brought along her favorite Bunky Boutique pieces for her travels! Keep reading for Olga's go-to Grecian locals, and her packing pics! ...

1. Where in Greece do you travel to?  And why there?

I go to Greece annually to visit my parents in Nea Makri- which is an hour outside of Athens near the beach. Many people know this area as it is on the historic Marathon run. This year, it was our 20th anniversary. We celebrated on Santorini island with 19 of our friends from the US. Santorini is known internationally for its beautiful scenery. I will send you some photos of the island to give it justice :)
Olga wearing the Retreat Dress in beautiful Greece.

Olga wearing the Retreat Dress in beautiful Greece.

2. What are a few of your favorite places you would recommend to Bunky customers traveling to Greece?

I would recommend going to Athens for a few days to see the historic sites, the museums and to walk around the old city. Then everyone should go to at least one island in Greece. If you have more time, visit more than one. They are all beautiful! Each island also has its own unique character. I would also recommend Peloponnisos. Other recommended places are Delphi, Olympia, Meteora.

3. What kinds of items are good to pack for traveling there?

If you are going in the summer, travel light with summer clothes and good walking shoes. Bring a sweater or wrap for the evening. Don’t pack too much as you also want to buy items there to bring back home. If you plan on visiting any monasteries, I would recommend a long dress or skirt for women and long pants for men in order to be respectful to the monks and nuns.

4.  Why were your Bunky dresses perfect items for your trip?

My Bunky dresses were perfect because not only were they beautiful for the Santorini background, but they were light for the summer heat. They packed well in my suitcase. I put them in large ziploc bags nicely folded so that they would be ready to go when I got there. I also did not want them to get dirty in case it rained somewhere along the travel route. I also tend to wear short dresses in Greece due to the humidity. The shorter dresses are cooler. 
Perfect sunset snap in the Desoto Dress!

Perfect sunset snap in the Desoto Dress!

Olga's husband, Stephanos, organizes all of our travels and also takes photographs wherever they go. Check out Stephanos and Olga Photography here

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