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Beauty Routine by Urb Apothecary
keeping some of our essentials handy in the  Cactus Linen Pouch

keeping some of our essentials handy in the Cactus Linen Pouch

You may have noticed our new skincare line for women in store or while browsing Maybe you have picked up a few products to try out, or have already gotten hooked on one of the amazing masks or sun serum.

We chatted with Leyna of Urb Apothecary and received some great tips on adopting a skincare routine of your own to get the most out of your products and maximize their nourishing benefits! 

1. Masks

Leyna says: "The Charcoal Mask I would do once a week, or once every two weeks. [Use] the Cacao Mousse Mask once -twice a week"

(We love the buttery lavender and cocao combination in the Cacao Mousse Mask!)

2. Exfoliate!

Renew and rejuvenate your skin with Cactus Face Polish. This amazing scrub doesn't harm skin with harsh edges like some exfoliates, but rather encourages blood flow and new cell growth!

Leyna says: "Use no more than twice a week."

3. Scrub Scrub Scrub

We have always known Matcha tea is delicious- but the Matcha Sugar Scrub takes our cravings to a new level! Sweet + earthy, we love this gentle body exfoliate and how it leaves our skin soft and reduces redness and bumps (especially during these high-allergen months!).

Leyna says: "... Scrub into your body 2-3 times per week. If you are doing one or more of [the above] , spread them out so you are not doing two masks in one week."

4. Lock in nutrients + moisturize

We currently offer two of Urb Apothecary's facial serums, Green Tea and Sun Worshipper.

  • Green Tea Serum: rich in anti-oxidants, essential fatty-acids and healing herbal infused oils that help protect skin from the sun, slow signs of aging, balance sebum production, and minimize pores and wrinkles.
  • Sun Worshipper: specially formulated for sun lovers and worshipers, repairing sun damage, brightening dark spots, clearing acne, soothing sun burns, healing wounds, and improving over-all skin health and tone.

Leyna says: "I alternate the Serums! But right now the sun worshiper is my jam."

Green Tea Hemp Facial Serum
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Sun Worshipper Repair Serum
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What's in a Color?

Thinking about switching up the traditional red roses this year? Reference our cheat sheet first and ensure you send your valentine the right message! ;) 

image via

image via

  • Pink Roses
    Signify happiness, gratitude, appreciation and admiration. Perfect for your sweetheart or a friend!
  • Yellow Roses
    Joy, friendship and freedom. For a fun gift, present your fellow Single Awareness Day friend with a single yellow rose, and celebrate your friendship together!
  • White Roses
    Innocence, purity, secrecy, reverence. White roses can go a couple different ways; a.) your valentine sees that you deeply respect her/him b.) She/he thinks they are your valentine on the side (whoops!). Gift with caution :)
  • Cream Roses
    Off-white roses represent thoughtfulness, charm, and grace. Gifting this color rose is a good idea if red is a little too 'hubba-hubba' for the occasion.  
  • Red Roses
    Traditional red roses signify love, passion, respect and courage. Gift this color to someone you LOVE! :)
Layering Essentials

We have all the basics for putting together a fuss-free and super perfect look! All new seasonal shades of buttery-soft camis provide the foundation for the trickiest and sheerest of tops. Nuudie Kits have everything you need for those on-the-go "Oops!" moments, and Low Beams concealer adhesives well, conceal the girls. 

Perfect Pairs


Switch up layering colors too! Instead of matching your tank with your top, match it with your bottoms like so 

We all have those outfits that prove to be a little too drapey/showy/complicated once we're out the door. Keep essentials such as Low Beams and a Nuude Kit handy for those exact moments! Low Beams are gentle adhesive concealers, and Nuude Kits include everything an on-to-go gal could need; pasties, a thong, sewing kit, bobby & hair pins, "pick-me-ups" (for the VERY low neckline), and reusable cutlets. These make great gifts, too!  

Fall Transition

Transform your summer dress into your new favorite fall tunic. Multiple-season pieces for the win!

Summer White

Ready to wear your summer white, but dreading the misfortune of accidental stains that always seem to occur?  We have something to soothe your worries, or at least scrub them away.  Fels-Naptha is a soap like bar that is most often times found in the laundry section of the nearest grocery store.  It is ideal for pre-treating stains like chocolate, baby spit-up, perspiration, and make-up.  All you do is stick the bar under a little water and scrub the stain until a nice "paste" occurs and then throw it in the wash.

Still have stains that you didn't get out last year?  No worries, the miraculous bar even gets out stains that have been set in by the dryer.  Let's face it, we all sweat during the summer and sometimes we get those embarrassing yellow stains and they are the pits (yes, I used a silly pun)!  Don't worry, Fels-Naptha will get out those set in deodorant stains also.  The best news, it's only like $2 a bar.  Use caution, it is a skin irritant so scrub wisely.

Style Tips for Tomboy Jeans

Style Tips for Tomboy

The fabulous thing about our Casey Tomboy denim is their versatility.  You can easily create a casual cool look, classic chic, or an edgy look depending on how you style them.

CASUAL COOL (celebrities to watch:  Sarah Jessica Parker, Reese Witherspoon, and Jessica Alba)


Sarah Jessica Parker really knows how to work the casual cool look.  When going for this look, try to have at least one trendy accessory so your outfit isn’t just casual.  Instead of basics sneakers, Sarah Jessica has the trendy athletic shoes working for her, majoring upping her cool factor.  Ultra cool sunglasses work too (check out our new TOMS collection).  Also, notice that she is working the partial tuck and her sweater is at the belt line.  Your jeans are already slouchy so makes sure your top is either above your belt line or tucked so your look stays casual and not sloppy.  The tuck and the belt line trick are important for all of your tomboy “looks.”

CLASSIC CHIC (celebrities to watch:  Jennifer Anniston, Olivia Palermo, and Rachel Bilson)

Accessories, Accessories, Accessories!  Oh did I say Accessories?  Again work the tuck, add a skinny belt, throw on some awesome heels or structured flats, grab your fitted blazer or fitted dressy trench, and make sure to have that stand out clutch or satchel.  Have fun!  I am posting a few pics of this style because the options are endless! 

EDGY (Celebrities to watch:  Gwen Stefani, Rihanna, and Sienna Miller)


You will definitely get a backstage pass when you rock your tomboys with a little edge.  Throw on an oversized graphic t-shirt, tank, or even a sweatshirt (just make sure it is cropped, tucked or lean like the one pictured) and some kick ass boots (think wedge booties, studded Moto, or lace up).  I love the wide brim hat with this outfit but if that’s not your thing than just make your hair a little messy.  Wear some rings on multiple fingers and have a standout pendant necklace.  Add some round framed sunglasses and when you walk by people will be whispering, “She has to be famous, who is that?”