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Q&A with Brooklyn Maker Alexis Mera

By now you may be familiar with the name Alexis Mera and namesake apparel line, a favorite here at Bunky Boutique! Described as a designer active and athleisure label, the collection is filled with vibrant prints that change with the seasons and modern silhouettes which are as versatile as they are luxurious. Alexis intends for her pieces to take you from yoga class to brunch with style and ease. Flattering styles, eye-catching prints, and a style that is always ahead of the curve. All made with love in Brooklyn, NY.

Alexis Mera DamenFounder + CEO

Alexis Mera Damen | Founder & CEO


Rachel Malloy: What do you love about Brooklyn and specifically the Brooklyn "maker" scene?

from Alexis' factory in Brooklyn, NY

Alexis Mera: One thing that I love most about Brooklyn is that it feels like a little oasis away from the city. Well maybe that's a little bit exaggerated, but Manhattan is intense, and I like to 'go home' to a more quiet area. Ditmas Park, where I live and work is very residential, and actually suburban feeling with big Victorian houses lining some of the streets. And we have one of the best cafe's ever, Cafe Madeline, where you can find something for every meal and every taste bud. As far as the makers scene here in Brooklyn, it's just a lot of really down to earth people, which honestly I feel is the case in most makers scenes. As an independent brand/company it's always nice to meet others with a similar mission or dreams. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication and it's nice to know you're not alone in the process. 

RM: Is there anything quirky or unusual about your design process?

AM: One thing that might surprise you is that we actually spend very little time designing. Of course, you need to have the right product designed at the right time, but then you spend most of your time marketing, selling it, and building the brand! My husband (who is a software engineer), nerd alert, helped me with a few design decisions when I first launched.

RM: How do you get inspired? Where do you seek out beauty?

AM: My source of inspiration is always the women around me. Whether it be the executive, yogi, mom, or fit chick, I try to create pieces that work for all women (all shapes and sizes), and for many different occasions. My mission is to create versatile clothing for the active woman, taking her through her busy day, while feeling happy, healthy, and beautiful in her own skin. Also, I'm currently having a slight palm obsession, which can be seen in our Rio PalmPalms at Dusk, and Sport Your Coral prints. Maybe it's because there are NO palm trees in NYC! But they are perfect for Arizona!

RM: In your mind, what does Phoenix, Arizona look like? 

AM: The first word that came to mind was dry. But then I had to google images of Phoenix, because I've never been. It's beautiful!

RM: What is it like selling here at Bunky, practically across the country from BK?

It's nice to be able to spread my wings and share my collection in a region that I am not able to physically be at. It's also interesting to see what sells in each region, as it tends to be different for each region/store. Our Printed Joggers, do seem to be a hit everywhere though! 
I feel a connection to Bunky Boutique, I met Rachel when I was doing a pop up on Bleecker Street in NYC last year, and Bunky was one of the first boutiques I started selling to, I'm very grateful for that, and excited to continue working together!