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Your Father's Day Gift Guide!


Father's Day is June 17th!

The countdown is on; Father's Day is Sunday, June 17th. Let dad know he's the real MVP with a cool new trinket, unique gadget, or fresh summer outfit. All items listed are available from our online shop and.or our downtown Phoenix flagship. Let us know your order is a gift at checkout, and we will take care of the gift wrapping for you!

Scroll for Dad's Day gift ideas:

1. Summer Threads

We are stocked with lightweight summer button ups, crisp tees and shorts in a variety of lengths and colors. Treat Dad to a fresh outfit; if he is anything like my dad, he will appreciate getting to skip the shopping!

Popular this season: Hybrid Shorts
We carry a variety of these versatile shorts made from quick-drying fabric, yet look like an every day casual wear short. Unlike athletic shorts, these styles are ready for the golf course, an early morning hike, or weekend brunch. And if you decide to crash a hotel pool, you won't need to bring a change of clothes ;)

2. Classic AZ Love

Our in-house collection of tees and accessories for men are always a safe go-to. Choose from Bunky-exclusive PHX items, or the beloved Arizona Love collection. Must be worn with pride!

Above: Mason Jar ($8),  Linen Handkerchief , Papa Bear Stir Stick ($25),  Analog Coasters ,  Beer Journals

Above: Mason Jar ($8), Linen Handkerchief, Papa Bear Stir Stick ($25), Analog Coasters, Beer Journals

3. (Cool) Dad Stuff

Gadgets, accessories, and small treasures Dad will get a kick out of. 

Above:  Motel Keytag , Galeana 39 soy wax candles ($34),  Muscle Joint Salve Stick

Above: Motel Keytag, Galeana 39 soy wax candles ($34), Muscle Joint Salve Stick

Above: Volcano Candle ($22-$32),  Night Owl Patch ,  INDY Hat

Above: Volcano Candle ($22-$32), Night Owl Patch, INDY Hat

So dopp!  Pendleton wool dopp bags  make a handsome + useful gift. Fill one with skincare favorites. 

So dopp! Pendleton wool dopp bags make a handsome + useful gift. Fill one with skincare favorites. 

4. Skin Savers

It's fun to receive gifts that you wouldn't normally splurge on yourself. This time of year the sun is especially harsh on our skin, so get dad some solid products he will be excited to reach for each day. 

  • Muscle Joint Salve Stick to soothe sore muscles, aches, and bruises after a long day at work or at the gym. 
  • Palo Santo Hand Salve for cracked, dry skin.
  • Green Tea Serum helps repair weathered-damage skin, relieve razor burn, and gives your face a healthy dose of antioxidants and essential fatty acids.
  • Ever get a little too much sun? Yeah, us too, often! Sun Worshipper helps rapidly heal sun burns and prevent peeling.
  • Find Baxter of California products in store like customer-favorite bar soaps, hair pomade, and face products.


5. Cash Money

Available at our downtown Phoenix location, these expertly crafted men's rings are made from American coins and half-dollars. No two are alike, and each has it's own collections of phrases and images. They are a totally unique gift Dad will always treasure! $80-$100
Email us at for more info. and to order.


Morse Code Bracelets

6. A Subtle Message

Remind Dad that he is a hero every day. These locally made elastic bracelets are an easy gift that has a thoughtful back story. Each spells out a phrase in Morse Code, yet looks like a stylish bracelet. The neutral color ways make these a cinch to wear with any outfit. $26/each