SPARKLE Valentine's Bunky Box

SPARKLE Valentine's Bunky Box

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The Bunky Box, Valentine's Day Edition!
The SPARKLE edition Bunky Box is a special, Valentine’s Day themed gift box filled with unique, artisan-made jewelry pieces. No two Bunky Boxes are alike, so you can be sure your recipient receives a one-of-a-kind surprise!

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A Bunky Box is a specially curated assortment of items tailored to your own interests and lifestyle. Think of it as a little treasure chest delivered right to your door. You are familiar with services such as Birch Box, Bark Box and Winc, so you know the drill! :)

Hello, lovers! Treat your sweetie to a surprise gift bundle specifically tailored to their style. Just like our original Bunky Box, we will assemble an exclusive assortment of items based off your responses to our brief questionnaire. The SPARKLE edition Bunky Box includes a specialty, artisan-made jewelry set.
In addition to these items, specialty Valentine-themed items will be added to compliment the jewelry piece(s).

Bunky Box value typically exceeds purchase price.

*Please note: the images provided are examples and the items shown are not guaranteed to be in your Bunky Box.

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