The Bunky Box

Finding the perfect gift can be hard.
We make it (really) easy!

Bunky Box is a specially curated assortment of items tailored to your recipient’s interests and lifestyle. Think of it as a little treasure chest delivered right to their door. You are familiar with services such as Birch Box, Bark Box and Winc, so you know the drill! :)

Once you complete your order form, we carefully create a entirely unique Bunky Box. Items may include clothing, accessories, paper goods, jewelry, grooming products, or specialty local items. You are guaranteed to receive a one-of-a-kind assortment that we are sure you will love!

These gift boxes are wonderful for birthdays, housewarming gifts, anniversaries and just-because!
We are happy to discuss bulk orders for your clients or corporate events. Email us at


Hello, lovers! Treat your sweetie to a surprise gift bundle specifically tailored to their needs and style. Just like our original Bunky Box, we will assemble an exclusive assortment of items based off your responses to a brief questionnaire. Choose from the LOCAL LOVE, SPARKLE, or SELF-CARE themed boxes. Each VDAY Bunky Box is completely unique; so you can be certain your Valentine receives a truly one-of-a-kind gift experience!

  • The LOCAL LOVE edition Bunky Box includes (1) locally designed Arizona tee or tank, (1) desert art print from a local artist, plus additional LOCAL items. Bunky Box value typically exceeds purchase price.

  •  The SPARKLE edition Bunky Box includes your choice of (1) a custom 16” Morse Code Necklace in the phrase of your choice or (2) a specialty jewelry set. In addition to these items, specialty Valentine-themed items will be added to compliment the jewelry piece(s).

  • The SELF CARE edition Bunky Box includes your choice of a Riddle brand perfume oil OR body oil along with organic Urb Apothecary skincare and/or a locally-poured Galeana 39 essential oil scented candle. The surprise is part of the fun!

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